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Failure Analysis Testing Services

As a provider of failure analysis services, Contech Research, Inc. provides a full range of capabilities, including root cause analysis, design consulting, technical support, and supporting documentation including comprehensive full data sets. Root cause analysis tests that we conduct include fretting evaluations that address evaluating for fretting corrosion, as well as electrical testing and surface analysis (such as SEM, SAM, FTIR, etc.). Our failure analysis process involves full and detailed research, including collection of the failed components and their history, visual inspection, surface analysis, evaluation of correct testing procedures, and testing processes with analysis. We then provide all documentation, with a conclusion and recommendation for a future course of action.

Our testing preparation is very detailed and involves, cleaning, designing and procuring test boards, and design of fixtures. We can test for several failure characteristics including corrosion, cracking, embrittlement, overload, wear, and more. Much of our failure analysis is carried out for the telecommunications industry, but we also serve the aerospace, electrical, commercial, computer, and electronics sectors. Contact Contech Research with your requirements to begin the testing process today.

  Failure Testing
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Failure Testing
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Failure Analysis Testing Capabilities

General Capabilities Consulting
Design Specialized Test and Evaluation Procedures
Root Cause Analysis
Technical Support
Supporting Documentation
  • Comprehensive Full Data Sets
Root Cause Analysis Non-Destructive & Destructive
Electrical Testing
Surface Analysis
  • Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM)
  • Scanning Auger Microanalysis(SAM)
  • FTIR
Fretting Evaluation
  • Fretting Corrosion
  • EIA 364-1005
A Typical Failure Analysis Process
  • Collect Failed Components & History
  • Perform Visual Examination
  • Analyze Failed Surfaces
  • Decide on Correct Testing Procedures
  • Perform Mechanical, Electrical or Other Test Methods
  • Analyze All Test Data and Produce Documentation, Conclusion & Recommendations
Failure Characteristics Tested Corrosion
Test Preparation Procedures Design & Procure Test Boards
  • Built In Circuits
Fixture Design
Mounting of Connectors & Sockets
Industry Focus Aerospace
Consumer Electronics
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