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Mechanical Testing Services

Contech Research, Inc. provides a wide range of mechanical testing services that enables us to serve clients across a variety of business types, including computer, aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, telecommunications and military. We supply full supporting documentation for each test performed including base test rationale. In addition to standard industry tests, we design specialized testing and evaluation procedures that would evaluate the mechanical attributes that are of interested and determining the susceptibilities to certain failure mechanisms (such as Fretting Corrosion).

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  We provide a wide range of mechanical testing services, including Vibration testing, both sine vibration and random vibration, and mechanical shock. Shown here is our mid size vibration shaker and slip table.
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Mechanical Testing Services
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Mechanical Testing Capabilities:

General Capabilities Design Consulting
Design Specialized Test and Evaluation Procedures
Technical Support
Supporting Documentation
  • Comprehensive Full Data Sets
Mechanical Testing Vibration and Mechanical Shock:
  • Random Vibration to 50 GRMS
  • Sine Vibration to 80G’s
  • Resonance Scans
  • Vibration at Resonance
  • Vibration at Temperature; -75C to 200C
  • Mechanical Shock
  • Random on Random Vibration
  • Sine on Random Vibration
  • Drop Test
  • Bounce Test
  • Gun Fire

Contact Characterization:
  • Normal Force
  • Durability
  • Contact Gaps
  • Engagement Force
  • Separation Force
  • Mating Force
  • Unmating Force
  • Contact Engagement Force
  • Contact Retention Force
  • Contact Strength
Compliant/Press-Fit Pins:
  • Cross Sectioning
  • Press-Fit Pin Insertion
  • Press-Fit Pin Retention
  • Test Plan
  • Air Pressure (Leakage)
  • Altitude
  • Altitude under Temperature
  • Axial Concentricity
  • Crimp Tensile
  • Insert Retention
  • Maintenance Aging
Probe Damage
Mechanical Test Fixture Design and Build of:
  • Vibration Test Fixtures
  • Mechanical Shock Test Fixtures
  • Durability Test Fixtures
  • Mate/Unmate Force Test Fixtures
Test Preparation Procedures Cleaned Prior to Testing
Design & Procure Test Boards
Built In Circuits
Fixture Design
Mounting of Connectors & Sockets
Industry Focus Aerospace
Children Products
Consumer Electronics
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